Brand Development and Environmental Sustainability

Lih Song leading the industry by introducing acrylic recycle and reuse projects. Our efforts have been recognized by international renowned brands and have become a long-term trusted partner.

Agile Manufacturing Process One Stop Integrated Service

To increase project execution efficiency, we adopt a customer-oriented, one-stop service window. Our professional experts will assist with everything from brand image, R&D, delivery, maintenance, etc. Simplifies client’s operation process and cost-effectiveness.


Professionalism and Dedication

No idea or full of ideas; hand sketch or accurate graphics. Lih Song can assist and guide any customer in achieving the work beyond expectation.

Over the years, Lih Song’s factory technicians have participated in numerous production of branded projects, becoming one of the few companies in the industry that possess both customization and structural development capabilities. 


Complete Device Unlimited Creation

Panel Cutting

Efficient CNC

laser cutting & Engraving

UV Printing

Diamond polishing

Unique and Artistic Customization

The beauty industry has been the main focus for Lih Song for more than 20 years. With the extremely high requirements of this industry, our professional craftsmanship has continuously been refined. Creating countless outstanding works for international beauty companies.


International Brand Trusted Partner


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